Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sunday I told my congregation that we need to be diligent to take care of our bodies, after all, we only get one body here on earth. In heaven we will have a glorified body, but here on earth we live in the body we were given at birth. What we do with it is up to us. God's Word says that our bodies are His temple. I need to pay attention to what kind of shape I keep His house.

Through the years I have tried to keep in some form of reasonably good shape. It is hard as a pastor. Banana pudding, fried chicken, mother's delicious pound cake, and all those church fellowship dinners make it hard to do.

Tennis, jogging, walking, sit-ups, pushups, yard work, basketball, a little swimming, and biking have all been part of my routine. I have actually jumped rope some too. Some of these forms of exercise are better than others. Mom and Dad don't like my jogging. Wanda loves to walk. Now I am hitting it again as a New Year begins.

My goal is to lose 15 pounds or so. I am training for the 15K Gate River Run in March. Losing two pounds a week isn't too much too ask.

I won't to enjoy life, work, and all that God has for me. Keeping in good shape will make that happen. So it is back to work. I feel better already!

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