Monday, January 23, 2012


Wanda cooked an incredible lunch for Sunday dinner. Mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, and a pork loin made for a delicious feast. It was scrumptious. Her mom and Carolyn, one of her sisters, came over from Tallahassee to spend a day or so. She also had a jello, strawberry, whipped cream dessert. My goodness was that ever good.

After the feast, we sat around the table talking. Someone brought up the cookbook the ladies group from Bartow First Assembly put together when I was the pastor there. Wanda got the book out, and I scanned through the recipes. Now there are some fantastic dishes there. Church folks know how to cook.

While scanning the book, I found my one and only entry into a cookbook. Now you know that I don't cook, so what could I put in there?

It is my famous Raisin Bran cereal recipe. You can't miss with this one. Simple is the key word. Maybe funny is the word too! But it really is in the book.

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