Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Love doesn't always come easy. Sometimes it has a price. It can require great sacrifice, endurance, forbearance, and patience. Deep love moves beyond moods, feelings, or sheer attractions.

It is a choice to have a forgiving love.

It is a choice to have a sacrificial love.

It is a choice to have an overlooking love.

It is a choice to have an extra-mile love.

It is a choice to have a until death we part love.

I have found that God's love in us is that extra push, motivation, and grace to live beyond the moment and mere feelings. God's love doesn't fail, waver, or fall short. It chooses to stand and remain faithful.

Wanda and I are reading an new book entitled "The Sexperiment". Now isn't that an interesting title. In it the authors, Ed and Lisa Young, write about oneness. They share that when you are one in marriage that any harm to the other becomes harm to you. Oneness means that as we are joined in heart, faith, spirit, and body that you cannot separate what effects one from the other.

To hurt your mate means you are hurting yourself because you are one. You cannot separate the impact of the other from yourself. It becomes impossible. So it only seems reasonable to make sure that the choices that one makes are good choices. Those chooses bless or hurt your own being.

In marriage when we are one, the equation is like this:

1 + 1 = 1

This is the marriage equation. So I have made the choice to love. It is a decision that binds me to how I will act and react. It is a premeditated choice of of love. It blesses me for we are one.

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