Wednesday, November 30, 2011


In my last post I wrote about missed opportunities and referenced the missed opportunity of the Jacksonville Jaguar team in not drafting Tim Tebow. I noted that the team he is quarterback for is winning, and our Jag team is losing. I think not drafting Tim Tebow was a terrible mistake.

Today the Jacksonville Jaguars fired the head coach, Jack Del Rio. He is considered the goat for our losing team, but I think the root problem is deeper than just with the coach.

Now the team is being sold too. They say the team will stay in Jacksonville, but time will tell on that one. For now change is in the wind.

The coach will still be paid several million dollars so only is pride is really hurt. Millions of dollars will heal his wound and make him good as new.

What will the future hold for the Jags?

A new head coach.

More promises and hope.

More uncertainty for now.

Sooner or later, players have to make plays regardless of who the coach is. Sooner or later, the game is won or lost on the field.

For now the is change in the air. We will see where it takes us.

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