Friday, November 4, 2011


I recently read an article that dwelt with tech addiction to smart phone, iPads, iPods, and computers. It listed many marks of possible addiction and I think I had one or two of them. I thought the only thing I was addicted to was coffee and Wanda and not in that order.

How do you know if you're addicted?

1. Waking up in the night to check computers, iPhones, or iPads.
2. Paying more attention to tech stuff than people in the room with you.
3. Thinking that an event hasn't happened until it is posted on the Internet.
4. Feeling that your missing something unless you're online.
5. Always grabbing for your phone when hearing a ring in a crowded room.

So, should I turn the iPhone and iPad off?

For me it is a work tool, but admittedly it has to be kept in proper place. People are more important than an email from a national campaign group or other spam. Tech stuff has not life or love or care. It is just mind occupying, time consuming geek tools. Am I a geek? Don't think so.

So the issue is balance and keeping life in order. It is doing work in a smart fashion, but not losing people in the background. I don't foresee getting rid of my tech stuff, but I do see reigning it is some.

Wanda will be glad to read this, and she will be gladder if I follow through. Have I moved from couch potato to computer potato?

Oh, one other thought.

Roll Tide! Beat LSU!

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  1. Wow
    I need to send this to Keith to read! Yes, we're doing well. Thanks for asking. The church, family, and us are good.

    It's good keeping up with you and Wanda!