Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Who is Joe Paterno?

He is the long time head football coach for Penn State University. He is the all-time winningness football coach ever. He has over 400 wins beating all other head football coaches. He is 84 years old and has been known to be respected and well thought of as a "good guy".

Now he is under fire because he fell to report an assistant football coach who was reported to him of abusing little boys. This happened years ago and no one did anything to find or help the little boys or other little boys.

Now Penn State Athletic Director and other administrative heads are rightfully under fire for not reporting this to the police. Coach Paterno is being called into question over this also. Legal and moral obligations were not properly met or exercised. How so very, very sad for all these little boys.

What is the point here?

The point is that we do have moral responsibilities. We cannot turn our backs on innocents. There are acceptable and non-acceptable laws of behavior. Mankind does have a moral obligation.

I don't know the truth or details of all this. Coach Joe Paterno may not have done anything wrong, but it strongly appears that a cover-up was in the works. It appears their sacred program was held in higher esteem than the care of innocent little boys. It appears something was terribly, morally wrong at Penn State. As of this writing, Coach Paterno has been unwilling to talk to reporters or anyone about his actions. He has had hundreds and hundreds of press conferences about football, but now he cannot meet and answer what happened to innocent little boys.

No one gets by with anything. They may or may not be found out in this life, but God sees all and knows all. He has a total observation of every detail and misdeed. Before Him, we will all give account.

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