Monday, November 28, 2011


The Jacksonville Jaguars lost yesterday. The Denver Broncos won. Why?

Could it be that Tim Tebow is the quarterback in Denver and not the quarterback in Jacksonville?

Our quarterback is a rookie and not playing very good. Hopefully he will do better and soon, but now we are losing. We could have had Tim Tebow in Jacksonville, but we passed him in the draft. Our team lost a great opportunity.

Sad, very sad.

I don't think that drafting Tim Tebow would have be a cure all for our team, but he is doing good. The Jags are not so hot right now. We are lacking leadership and determination. Tim has both of those in high quantity.

I wonder how many opportunities I have lost? I suspect more than I would like to know. I can think of a few. All of us have made poor choices and missed more good opportunities than we know. Maybe today we can all do better.

Look around. Make God-centered choices. Honor Him. Do good for others. Don't think of self so much. Give sacrificially. Live in the light of eternity. That will lead to less missed opportunities.

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