Friday, November 11, 2011


My last post was about Penn State University and Head Football Joe Paterno and the scandal they are dealing with concerning an assistant football coach abusing little boys. It is a very sad story. For years there was a coverup at worse or negligence at least to deal with the assistant coach. Now it is all coming to light and heads are rolling. Only God knows how many innocents were abused.

The President, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, and a Vice-President have all been fired. Their failure to properly report and protect little boys have brought them all down.

Why did they fail to report the abuses? How could this happen?

Those and other questions are still to be answered, but one thing is certain, priority is being brought into focus. The Board of Trustees are having to deal with one of the worst scandals imaginable. It is so very sad.

Some are wanting the Head Coach to continue. Lots of attention is being placed on JoePa as they call him. They worry about his legacy.

So what!

Here is the issue. Football is not king. No one is above the law. Little ones should be protected. It doesn't matter if they ever play another football game or not there. What matters is that there is a return to sanity and a real world.

How can you really feel so sorry for a few coaches when little boys have been abused and violated. That is where the attention and sorrow should be.

May God have mercy on those little ones. That is what is important.

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