Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Love is very weak or even none existent when faithfulness is absent. How can one say that they love when there is no dependability, consistency, or commitment? Can one say that they love their children when they have no care or provision to feed or clothe them? Can one say to their spouse that they love them when they really are sneaking around and having an affair?

How can we say we love God when there is little or no evidence of following His Word or making time for Him?

People do what they love. If we love sports, then sports will occupy our time. Shopping? Then off we go to the malls. Or fishing? Get the boat ready, here I come. Or golfing, or motorcycling, or cooking, or traveling, or reading, or hunting, or any thousand other love?

Here is the deal. Love, I mean true love leads to faithfulness. It leads to consistent, passionate involvement. Love for God turns into faithful acts of discipleship.

The Word say, "If you love me....? then you will keep my commandments."

It is just that simple. We all do what we want to do.

Loving God turns into real action steps of faithful, following the One we love.

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