Monday, November 14, 2011


I am in New Iberia, LA, with Wanda and her family. One of her favorite uncles died, and the family asked if I would help with the funeral. It has been a quick trip, and we are headed home today.

We did have a few moments to tour the factory on Avery Island where they make Tabasco Pepper Sauce. When we drove into their parking lot you could smell the hot sauce and it slightly burned your eyes. It takes over 3 years for them to make the sauce as they age it 3 years before they mixed it and bottle it.

Their plant bottles over 700,000 bottles a day and ship around the whole. This process has been going on for almost 150 years back into the 1800's.

I love food. I mean I love any kind of food. But I don't enjoy hot stuff. I can take just a tiny bit of spicy stuff, but not much. They gave each of us four small bottles of the hot sauce. Don't know if I'll try any. No, I know I want try any.

Thy make ice cream with it too. Cool but hot, hot, hot.

Interesting. I tried less than half of a spoon full. That was enough for me. I can still taste it.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

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