Monday, November 7, 2011


Well by now you know it, at least if you know anything about college football. Alabama lost to LSU 9-6 on Saturday night. It was billed at the game of the decade, or even the game of the century. LSU was ranked no. 1 and Alabama was no. 2 of all Division 1 colleges. It was a defensive battle from start to finish. I don't remember a football score in recent years of being tied 6-6 at the end of regulation playing time. LSU won in overtime with a field goal 9-6.


More than sad!

You should have seen the looks of all those Alabama fans. Tears were welling up in all their eyes.

Yet we should have, could have won the game. We missed four field goals. We had a pass take-a-way interception on the one yard line that surely would have produced a winning score.

There were too many missed opportunities. Sad. More than sad.

Yet, I wonder how many missed opportunities we all have that have greater consequence than a football game.

A missed opportunity to say a kind word.
A missed opportunity to make a life moment special.
A missed opportunity to make special times like birthdays, anniversaries, or other such events really big.

Alabama lost a shot to win a National Championship which can never be realized. The opportunity is gone. Forever. They had chances, but they let their opportunities slip through their fingers.

Here is the point. Don't waste or miss your opportunities today. Make it a point to make a phone call. Send a card. Go see a friend. Give a nice gift. Forgive. Forget. Go do it. Do it now. Otherwise you may forever miss your opportunity for blessing and goodness.

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