Friday, December 2, 2011


I love Christmas lights, and Christmas trees, and lots of Christmas packages. It is that time of year again. I have already climbed into the attic to pull down decorations for Wanda, and now it is time to head to the attic again to get the outdoor lights and decorations and put them up.

This has been my tradition for years and years going back to when I first owned a home in Bartow, Fl. Each year I have changed or added or left off or replaced stuff, but I like the look outdoors with Christmas lights glowing.

Our neighborhood does a good job displaying the Christmas spirit. On Christmas eve we line our streets with candles burning. People come from all over Southside to see the beauty.

I know that lots of people struggle with hurt and loss during this time especially if they have recently lost a dear one. I certainly understand that, but I also know that the Lord can shine His Light and love into our hearts to help comfort and soothe the broken heart.

His joy and peace cannot be taken away. His love brightens the way. He is, after all, The Light of the world.

So, I'll get the lights down again. I want lights, lights, and more lights to shine in a dark world.

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