Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Positive thinking works!

No, it doesn't guarantee that everything will be perfect, but it sure beats being blue and negative. Everyone has setbacks, bad days, and tough times. It isn't what happens to us that is the controlling factor, but rather it is how we react to life. Also, our positive choices point us in the right direction.

Monday when I arrive at church I found that someone had broken a huge glass window in our office. This is a glass wall approximately 8 ft by 10 or so. Someone had gotten into a fight as they walked by our church office and angrily punched their fist into the glass and knocked a hole in it. It didn't totally shader, but it was a mess.

Another passerby saw him do it and called the police and they caught the guy. He had to be taken to the hospital to get stitches and now is in jail. Was that dumb or what?

Well, when I was a young teenager, I actually knocked a hole in a wall because I was upset, but I learned. That isn't a smart thing to do. I had to learn. I pray that this guy learns too.

Positive thinking points us to a higher destiny. Yes, my day didn't begin so hot on Monday, but the glass will be repaired. Life goes on. A new day has dawned.

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  1. Hi once again I am asking you to pray for jordan, he really needs it now. thankyou Ann