Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Our modem is dead. We can't gone online at home. First is sputtered and worked erratically. Then it died. Gone. Done. That makes online work at home impossible. Now, I have to do all my work at the church. Wanda can't get online either.

What have we come too?

Computers rule far more than I desire to admit. IPhones and laptops and Macs and Dells fill our house. They are in our pockets and on our desks and breakfast room table. They are never out of reach and are in constant motion.

How did we get this way?

What does the future hold. They seem to control our minds and our lives.

Look around. Every person you pass on the highway has a cell phone. SUV's are filled with video screens. Hand held games dominate our kids. Computer screens fill our horizons.

So, maybe I need to take a second look at this dead modem. Maybe I need to bury it? Maybe my life needs a tech scrubbing?

The new modem arrives in the mail tomorrow. That isn't enough time to be free of the addiction. Oh well.

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