Friday, March 18, 2011


The has been one beautiful week. The weather has been gorgeous. It is motorcycle weather. Not too hot. Not too cool. No rain in sight. Perfect.

For Wanda it is gardening weather. She says that soil is good for the soul. There is something about getting outdoors and digging in the dirt that makes you feel better.

So, do we motorcycle or do we dig in the dirt?

I guess both can be done and the dirt digging probably needs to happen first.

Our back yard and front yard both need some attention. There is grass that needs cutting and some grass that needs replacing. There are shrubs that need trimming. New plants need planting. Old beds need to be cleaned. All that needs to happen in cool, nice weather. Summer is coming, and it will be HOT!

But when it is hot, it is not as much fun to ride "Big Red". So I guess we work real hard and real fast to as to leave a little time for cruising up and down the road.

So much to do. So little time. But the weather is just beautiful.


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