Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Good habits bless. They add to life. They add consistent pleasure. Some things must be done over and over because that is the nature of life. Life can be made better by adding good habits all along.

Here are some habits that I have.

I read 6 or more chapters from the Bible daily.
I spend time in daily personal devotions and also with Wanda.
I pray for my immediate family and extended family daily.
I try to thank people for their kindnesses to me.
I open doors for ladies.
I open the car door and all other doors for Wanda.
I put my own clothes up.
I clean the sink throughly after shaving and put everything back in its place.
I pay my tithes and give offerings and help in missions offerings.
I try to be generous with tips.
I try to smile at others.
I try to begin each day with thanks to the Lord.

There are many other habits that I have "set" in my life for years, but I am trying to add a few more good ones.

They are personal and some are very much needed to make life more enjoyable. Bad habits are hard to break, and new habits take extra effort.

One bad habit is talking on the cell phone while driving. I don't text, but I am determined to stay off the phone and pay more attention while driving. I need to break the habit of eating too fast. I need to break the habit of late night snacks. I don't eat twinkies anymore. Ha!

Help me Lord add to my life to glorify you.

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