Monday, March 7, 2011


I am almost ready for the 15k Gate River Run which takes place this coming Saturday. I have trained diligently for 3 months with four or five runs each week. I have also done sit-ups and push-ups and a few other exercises to get my body in the best shape I can.

Sunday evening I ran a 8 mile run and did good. I felt strong and could have gone on another mile or so.

On this past Friday, Wanda and I were looking in a store that specializes on running and racing. They have clothing gear and shoes and other stuff for runners. She noticed a power booster to eat as you run which gives a power burst. I tried it during my eight mile run and wow! It works! Every three miles or so you eat a serving and bam! There you go again. I wish I had found this stuff long ago.

So, my time improved and I felt strong.

I wonder if it works in preaching? Maybe about 15 minutes into my sermon I could take a power break, and then bam! Then I would take off again. Maybe I should allow the Holy Spirit to give me the boost. That would be better.

This week I plan on running the Acosta and Main Street bridges a couple of times. That will be my last runs, and then it is on to the River Run on Saturday. I have some personal goals I hope to make. I'll tell you about them this week.

I can do it!

Yes, I can!

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