Monday, March 21, 2011


Saturday night offered a super moon at Jacksonville Beach. It was the largest full moon for many, many years. Some say that it was the largest moon in almost 20 years.

Wanda drug me out to the beach to share the romantic moment. Actually she didn't drag me, I wanted to go. There was a seafood festival going on, and we ate some shrimp, and headed out to the beach for the show.

It was spectacular!


On this special astronomical night, the full moon was at lunar perigee, the nearest approach in its orbit around Earth, but in this case, it will be at its closest proximity to us in 18 years. The moon is 221,567 miles away. The tides had fuller pull, but other than that and brighter night there wasn't much to worry about.

Wanda and I took a couple of chairs, cameras, and jackets and enjoyed the moment. Full moons add to the beauty of romance. It just gives an extra buzz. The small picture was taken by our small camera. It doesn't have a very good lens for long distance, night pictures. The larger picture is one I took by standing on our chair getting a little closer. Just kidding. It is a copy I borrowed from the Internet.


You don't need a supermoon to have a super marriage, but it doesn't hurt. Holding hands, walking the beach, sharing the moment. It's all good.

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