Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This past weekend we enjoyed having Mark and Tara and Julie and two of our grands visit with us. Mark and Tara came for Mark to do the Gate River Run with me and they brought friends with them. It was a blast.

On Sunday morning, Wanda and I left early for church and took Cole and Paige with us. We had just gotten into the car when little Cole spoke up and said, "You have to be handsome and pretty to go to Papa and Nana's church. Papa is handsome, and Nana is pretty, and Paige is pretty, and I am handsome."

It was a moment.

I chuckled and we all laughed. What a special encouragement from a four year old.

Later before they left, Wanda overheard him say, "I am going to play this game all by myself so I can win."

Cute and what a hoot!.

These are special moments to remember. Kid's say the most amazing things.

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