Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I recently heard a story that helps keeps life in perspective, especially for those who love the Lord. It goes like this:

There was once a king who had a faithful servant who was close to the king and did everything for the king. The servant had a saying that he repeated over and over no matter how good or bad things were. He would say,' It is all good. Everything is good. It is all good."

One day the servant handed the king his rifle to shoot skeet. As the king pulled the trigger, the rifle misfired and exploded, which resulted in the king losing his thumb. Blood flew everywhere, but the servant said, "It is all good. Everything is good. It is all good."

Well that infuriated the king and he threw his faithful servant in prison. The king was angry that the servant were dare think that losing his thumb could be good.

Some time passed and the king was captured by cannibals who were about to barbeque him until they noticed his missing thumb. They let him go because they said they did not eat anything that had a flaw. The king was elated and grateful.

Then he realized the servant was correct. It was all good. So the king rushed to the prison to released the servant who had now been there for some time. The king begged forgiveness, but the servant simply repeated that "it is all good, everything is good, it is all good."

The king couldn't believe his ears. "How could this be good, you being in prison all this time?"

The servant said that if he hadn't been in prison then he would have been with the king when he was captured by the cannibals. The servant held up his two hands and said, "See I still have my two thumbs."

So, you see it is all good. Everything is good. It is all good.


That is God's promise to those who love Him.


  1. I love saying, It's all good. My husband gets annoyed with that, but he's a curmudgeon.

    My husbands's father and my mother are both very ill. They are both undergoing testing the first week of January. Please pray.


  2. I will pray and believe for these needs to be met. God is faithful. It's all good.