Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Christmas presents need some wrapping. They need a pretty bow. They need a name to and and name from. They need to be put under the tree. They need someone to shake them and wonder.

Some of our grands are coming and some we are meeting in far places. Some we have already shared Christmas with. All of them got presents that were wrapped. Does that make the gifts more special and fun to receive? I think the answer is yes.

I actually helped wrap some of our gifts. That is why this is on my mind. My wrapping wasn't the best, but it helped Wanda. You should see my wrapping style. Cute. Really cute.

Whether they are wrapped or not, if they are given with love from the heart, that is all that counts. It is about love and giving and sharing and showing care.

Giving and receiving makes Christmas special.

God gave His best. That is the model. That is what He wants from us. That is what we should share with others. It is not how expensive but it must mean something.

So wrap them with love. Share from the heart. Give your gifts with a hug and a kind word.

Make Christmas special.

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