Monday, December 20, 2010


The exchanging of Christmas gifts has already begun. I love giving to others, and I will admit that there is still enough child in me to look forward and enjoy receiving gifts too. Christmas is a story of giving gifts. It all began with God's gracious gift of love in giving us a Savior.

So what will I give Wanda for Christmas? What should we give all the children and grandchildren? And then what shall we give to our parents? Love and thought go into each present. Actually, I think money is always a good gifts to give and receive, but I will admit that to open a package and enjoy a ready bought gift is nice too.

Children's eyes light up when it is time to open Christmas presents. They get all excited and can't contain themselves. They just can't wait for Christmas to come. Our grands are all hyped up. It is going to be fun.

Wanda has been doing all of our Christmas shopping up to this point. I have to get into the game. Time is running out. Christmas is less than one week away.

So here I come Town Center and maybe a mall or two. While shopping sends pains up my spine, I better get into this quickly. I love to give and that takes thought, time, and attention. I better get with it.

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