Friday, December 10, 2010


Heavenly music is comfort to the worn and weary soul. It is a balm of peace. It is the sound of joy. It is the soothing of the frayed nerves and strained body. It is uplifting, bringing renewal for eternal glory.

Christmas music is some of heaven’s best sounds. It is the revelation of heaven’s gift. It is the presentation of heaven’s purpose. It is the release of unending hope. It adds light to the darkened soul. It is announced with angelic worship and praise from the common and the elite.

The Season of Christmas is filled with sights and sounds. It is filled with glorious words and wonderful rhythm. Listen closely to the Scriptures and songs that are shared. They will uplift you and bless you. The worship flowing from the singers will lead you into the fullness of God’s message and truth you need to hear today.

Don’t miss the moment.

Listen intently with open ears and open hearts. God is speaking . He is speaking through heavenly music. Listen closely. You may hear angels singing in the background. They are singing of the joy that has come into the world for our Savior is born. He is Christ the Lord, Immanuel, the Holy Child promised from above. He is our deliverer and mighty healer, the restorer of mankind.

Listen closely.

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