Friday, December 17, 2010


I wonder how many times I have stuck my foot into my mouth and said the wrong thing? Preachers can be as bad at that as any, though I try hard not to do it. Shoe leather doesn't have a very good taste, not even with salt!

Mark Gungor says, "If you are feeling something mean and nasty, it's best to keep your mouth shut."

Good quote!

Life goes better when we let our words bless others rather than hurt them. Yes, I know there are times when frank, serious discussions have to take place, but even then, or maybe especially then, we should use care that the wrong stuff doesn't come out of our mouths.

So, here is the word for today.


Don't let hurt and harm come from your lips. Take a moment and re-calibrate. Get that tongue sanctified and holy. Somebody's future may be at stake. It might even be your own future.

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  1. what good advice, and very apt for me today. I needed to step back and shut my mouth. how easy it is to vent and then be sorry. thankyou ann