Friday, December 24, 2010


It is Christmas Eve. Little ones are excited. Mommies are busy. Last minute shopping is being completed. Roadways are filled with family travel. Some hearts are heavy. Some loved ones are in distant places. It is the night before Christmas.

Yet, in a lowly manager hundreds of years earlier, a miracle was to take place. A prophecy was to unfold. Heaven would release the glory of eternity. A Savior would be born.

Today trees and lights and presents and gatherings and worshippers and holy remembrances mark the moment. It is eve before the mystery of mankind would be revealed. Immanuel would come.

For me it is an awareness that He came to live and to live within me. He is in my heart. That can only be because our Lord came in lowly humility to break the impossible barrier between God and man.

Tonight we watch with wonder. Tomorrow we celebrate His glory.

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