Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tuesday I had lunch with my two young, outstanding staff members. These guys, Eric and Carlos, are sharp, creative, committed, and funny. Their faith and vision are inspiring. and they're youthfulness offers a counter balance to me as their senior, lead pastor. We feed off each other's ideas and passion.

Each Tuesday I take them out to lunch after our staff meeting. We talk church, personal, and share stories. You cannot go long until funny stuff comes up.

Preachers say the funniest things and the funniest stories happen in church. I have a life of humorous happenings that have followed me all through my ministry. Laughter makes life lighter. It lifts the load. It releases joy. It smoothes the tough spots.

What is my funniest moment? That is a hard one.

Was it when my pant zipper busted moments before performing a wedding ceremony?

Was it stepping into the wrong dressing/changing room after a baptismal service?

Was it losing my way in the middle of a sermon and forgetting one of the great miracles of the Bible?

Was it finishing a beautiful wedding ceremony with the words, "What God hath put apart let no man put asunder?"

Oh, there are many more.

I have books in my office that share the most hilarious stories you can imagine. One of the books is entitled, "Let's Hold Sis. Smith's Leg up in Prayer."

A friend sent this church video that I have watched half a dozen times. It's too funny!

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