Monday, June 7, 2010


This is the season for graduation celebrations. Parents, friends, teachers, church mentors, and others are all involved in this growth process in life development. It isn't an easy road for all parties. To graduate requires passing grades which requires untold hours spent in preparation and study which requires sacrifice and effort which requires support and encouragement. 

I have "graduated" several times. From high school to college and then grad work, each phase has been challenging, interesting, and rewarding. 

This week we have celebrated with numerous graduates and salute each of them and their parents and friends who have made it happen. Thanks to all the moms and dads who have hung in there. 

Do I remember grad night?

Yes, I do.

I remember walking out of my high graduation and four years later driving off the college campus after having completed my studies there. Wow! That was a great feeling.

Now, the real life work begins as these new graduates find their places in a real world alive with incredible challenges. My God help them and keep them and bless them all. May they follow Him and let Him release dreams and visions that are of eternal value. 


So what is the answer to Friday's riddle?

The Law of the Lord.

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