Friday, June 18, 2010


My father will be visiting this weekend as we celebrate Father's Day. I am looking forward to sharing a few days with him and mother and my brother Max and his wife, Darlene, will be visiting for Sunday lunch. All of us are fathers and we have a lot in common. Max got dad's fix-it skills and I caught dad's preaching skills. I think both of them could fix anything, but that is just not in my DNA. Oh, I'm the really handsome and humble one on the far left.

Max and I share the same birthday with me being the oldest by 11 years. I well remember him being born on my birthday and how proud I was of my new baby brother. I helped teach him how to walk on a vacation trip we made across America and back in 1961. We rode from Montgomery, AL., to Los Angeles, CA., to Portland, OR., and back in about a month. Max learned to walk in Portland, Or.

I think my "little brother" has outgrown me, but I am still the "big brother". Or is it  the older brother?

What makes a great father? Well, I am still learning, but I know that children need stability, security, spiritual guidance, and strong commitment. I don't think they need a perfect father, but they need a father with an honest heart to lead and guide them in the right way. They need affirmation and encouragement. Most of all they need their father to truly love their mother.
Recently I read a list of ways to honor fathers. Here's the list:

Seek his wisdom. Honor his legacy. Explore his family tree. Show him respect. Express love. Celebrate Father’s Day. Remember his birthday. Honor his wife. Pray for him daily. Build a memory book. Respect his preference. Surprise him. Take him fishing.

My dad took me fishing lots of times and we caught boat loads. Don't know that we'll ever do fishing again, but we'll share in a lot of other fun things, like dominoes. Maybe I'll get him to tag team preach a little with me this Sunday at church.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day, Dad. I am so thankful and proud you're my father. Thanks for all you have done for me and my four siblings and all of our families. We are all very grateful for you and Mom.


  1. Thanks Milton for your kind words. It's an honor to be a Father of five wonderful children.

  2. Happy father day Milton. I know your are proud of your father. My dad is in heaven looking down on me. I will see him one day.