Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I get goose bumps when I hear The Star-Spangle Banner sung. My favorite singer of the national anthem is Carlos Santiago, our new worship leader at Southside. Man, can he ever do it!

America is the greatest country in the world because God has blessed us. His Truth has set us free to enjoy blessings and prosperity. That is what truth does. Truth makes us free. It is The Land of the Free because of God and His truth.

Without a doubt we are under attack as a Nation. Our liberties are being challenged by immoral decisions and actions. My prayer daily is for God to have mercy on America and bless us again with righteous and godly leaders.

Tuesday was election day across our Land in which primary elections were held. May God favor us with new leaders, new godly leaders, who realize that life, liberty, and happiness are gifts from God.

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Listen to these two videos. The first is Carlos singing and the second video is self-explanatory. God bless America.

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