Friday, June 11, 2010


Mentors are people lifters. They point people in the right direction, train them, steady them, advise and counsel them, correct them, encourage them, pick them up, push them, and celebrate with them. They can be invaluable in the journey of life. Today some prefer to call them life coaches. Either word is a good one if solid help is being offered.

I have numerous mentors that have impacted my life. Some are known up close and transparently personal. Others are at a distance, and some I have only met in a book.

Through the years as God has helped me, I too have served as a mentor or life coach. I've never charged a fee, but I have been rewarded over and over again as I have watched wings spread and dreams realized.

Sometimes hard, frank talk is required. More often the need is encouragement and kindness and faith expressed.

There are many ways that we can make a difference in life. One of the most fulfilling is helping others. That is a blessing.

Are you a mentor? No doubt you are touching far more lives than you could imagine. Those close and near and even those at a far distance are watching. Why not say or do something today that will bless them. Make a call. Send an email. Leave a Facebook note. Go see them.

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