Monday, May 31, 2010


Today we honor the fallen dead who gave their all so we may be free. Thank God for America, and thank God for those who have served our Country and those who died so we can be free. We are blessed to live in The Land of the Free and The Home of The Brave.

Special thanks to my father, Oscar Dykes, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and to my brother, Max Dykes, who also served our Country in the U.S. Navy, and also to all of my family members who have served in the Armed Forces and some who served at great peril to their lives.


Back yards can be quiet places of meditation and blessing.

I love sitting on our back porch enjoying breakfast and a great cup of coffee. The birds are singing and calling to each other and the glory of summer blooms brighten the view. It is splendid way to begin a day.

Wanda has worked super hard to improve the flower beds, add color, and get rid of unwanted weeds. It takes tons of sweat and sore muscles and sometimes rashes from unsuspecting weeds, but it is worth it.

Her mother has a green thumb and Wanda's thumb is turning that shade too. Water, fertilizer, weeding, and making sure that the right plants are planted in the right spots all go into the mix. It is an ongoing task, but makes life sweeter, calmer, and more colorful.

Some of my best praying and studying takes place on the back porch. I turn some soft background music on that plays through the porch speakers and then I wait on the Lord. Enjoying God's creation adds to the spiritual quest.

The squirrels, red birds, blue birds, sparrows, doves, sometimes woodpeckers and even owls, along with an occasional raccoon add to the scenery. It is fascinating!

One of my favorite backyard plants is in full bloom. I don't know its name, but I have been told it is a butterfly plant. I know there are many kinds of "butterfly" plants, but I'm not sure what the official name of this plant is. It is the most luscious purple. I just call it my butterfly plant. It is attracting bees and more bees right now, but I know butterflies are headed there too.


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  1. I found the name of this butterfly plant at the Green Cove Springs Riverfest. A guy selling plants looked at this blogs picture and told me it is a vitex plant.