Friday, June 25, 2010


The longer I live the more I am amazed at the awesome holiness of our God. Holiness is not a dirty, legalistic, outdated religious term bearing no value or meaning. Holiness speaks of purity, cleanliness, without corruption or corrosion. It is righteousness and truth displayed without failing or degeneration. It blesses and produces eternal endurance. It bears no shame, guilt, or remorse. Holiness is found in the perfecting of God's Laws and will. It releases eternal blessing.

How far will we allow the Church to drift before this becomes a prominent message of promised blessing?

How long will the curse of compromise live?

When will hearts turn again with passion to only please our Lord?

Will the lies of the enemy of our souls be exposed?

Who will be brave to live above the common? The modern normal? The majority appeal?

Who will stand alone when no one cheers? Even among the accepted religious?

Have we gone too far? Is it too late? Is the stain too deep?

No, a thousand times no. His blood washes and makes us clean. There is power in the blood to make us whole. We can be free to live without secret sin and sorrowful pain.

Jesus makes us free to live holy, pure, and clean before Him.


  1. You are so right. The younger generation do not know what holiness is all about. It make my heart sad. Holiness without no man will see the Lord.

  2. Amen. Holiness is still required in order to please the Lord. People change. The Bible doesn't.