Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Several months back I hurt my left elbow while trying to exercise using stretch bands to do muscle toning. Wanda and I were using an exercise video walking in place for 30 minutes or so which included the use of the stretchy band at the end of the workout. Everything went fine until I tried the extreme exercise and stretched the stretchy band too far. It stretched the left tendon on my elbow. Ooch! Man, that hurts.

So what do you do to over tennis elbow, or in my case stretchy band elbow. I wish I had been playing tennis, but I haven't done much of that in recent years.

When I was in my thirty's and early forties, I played tons of tennis. My brother-in-law Rick got me into tennis and did we ever go at it. He was so much better than me, but we still went at it hard. I do everything with my right hand so my left tendon wasn't damaged by those earlier years of hard tennis playing.

I made the injury worse by pulling dead grass out of our front yard and by constantly pulling and putting strain on it. Now it is hurting so bad I can't ignore it. I have a brace and I am putting ice on it throughout the day. That helps, but I think it needs rest more than anything.

So, my precious wife is making sure that I don't do more to strain it. I told my youth pastor's wife my dilemma and she said that I just needed to rest it. She is a physical therapist. I said that I guess that meant that I couldn't vacuum the house for a while. She said that could be done with the right hand. Ha!

Getting old isn't fun if this is the way it will be. I getting ready to get my new body. Won't that be nice.

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