Monday, June 21, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed Father's Day this year. My father and mother were here, and I got to talk to my daughters and received text messages from my step children. Wanda prepared a Sunday feast fit for a king and my brother brought a delicious dessert. It was great.

Dad joined me Saturday for a father/son breakfast at the church prepared by some of our church ladies. All the guys had a great time and were stirred by Coach Paul Peterson's talk. He totally inspired our guys to be real men and live committed, faithful lives. I will remember his words for a long time.

Father's Day messages are always wonderful opportunities to challenge, inspire, and encourage all the men to honor God and serve their families. The world needs men were are not afraid to show compassion, live consistent, cooperate, commit to sacrificial servant hood, and have courage. All of these are timely virtues that are sorely needed.

It means a lot to hear encouraging words that lift your spirits. I trust my words did that Sunday. I pray our men will live boldly for our Lord. That is all that matters.

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