Monday, June 14, 2010


Worship styles have varied throughout history. David's worship style included harps, trumpets, strings, lutes, drums, flutes, timbrels, cymbals, and dance. Oh, and it was loud. In the Church age, we have seen styles come and go. Do you know what a lute is?

Today's church worship styles go from traditional to ultra-contemporary. The Apostle John foresaw that heaven's worship will be loud and songs we yet have not sung. Imagine that! They say that the "latest" worship style or new "rage" is country cowboy worship, even in large metropolitan areas.

Worship to God certainly does not begin or end at a Sunday church service. Our worship of our Lord should come from our hearts in spirit and truth whether we're singing or not. In other words, worship of God is the adoration and love from our hearts involving every moment of our lives in every act of our beings. It is not about mere times of singing love songs to God. It is far more than that.

Sometimes church worship includes hymns and at other times choruses and spiritual songs. I have been in church services that vary from "high church" to old time camp meeting singing. While traveling several years back for almost 12 years, I visited small and large churches with large orchestra's and choirs to tiny churches with no instruments present.

Here is what I learned. I learned that I can worship the Lord on His Day no matter the style. After all, it is all about Him.

Recently I heard a pastor friend tell a true story about worship in his church. A member shared that in a recent service that he didn't get much out of the worship. Someone who overheard the comment responded, "You weren't supposed to get anything out of it."

Think about it a moment. The worship goes to Him. We put everything into it to exalt Him. It is not what we get out of it.


  1. I just came back from doing Praise Dancing and even though there was no air conditional in the the room, my body was elated with goosebumps. God adores are forms of worship because it comes from our heart. God Bless you always.

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