Monday, August 31, 2009


Saturday morning Wanda and I cruised down to St. Augustine on my Honda Goldwing for a scenic ride. We took A1A from Ponte Vedra Beach south. It is less than an hour ride and you get to see the Atlantic Ocean view.

This was only our second ride with Wanda riding with me, but she is loving it. We are having a blast. Right now it is a little hard to communicate with her sitting on back and both of us wearing helmets, but soon we will have our communication system working and we can talk through a intercom system on the bike.

My Goldwing has cruise control, AM and FM radio, CB radio and a CD system. Wanda sits back in the captain's chair and we cruise down the road. As long as I stay off the interstate, she will ride. 

Have you have eaten the shrimp at O'Steens in St. Augustine? They are delicious-the best I have ever eaten. The place only seats 42 or so and the wait can be an hour to two hours or more, but it is work it. 

We stopped by there for lunch and got in line at 11:15 and within a few minutes we were enjoying their delicious shrimp. My, I can still taste them now! Add squash casserole and sweet potato cassole and that is quite a meal!

Wanda did not want me to take her picture with her helmet hair, but she is a good sport. We're having fun cruising on my Goldwing. God is good.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying your gold wing. We love our intercom system...the envy of our Harley Davidson riding friend's wives..the guys don't care as much (lol). I have a small sticker on the back of my yellow helmet (we have the yellow gold wing) that says "hair by helmet." I always have a hat in the back to wear after the helmet comes off!

    Have fun...we sure do! We love to ride along singing the old hymns, praising the Lord!

    Chico CA