Friday, August 7, 2009


I am overwhelmed again at the goodness of God's people. Wanda and I are at our 53 General Council of the Assemblies of God in Orlando and have spent the week hearing wonderful preaching, attending luncheons, receptions, and greeting old friends.

I have been stopped over and over by so many who have read this blog and shared their love and kindness to Wanda and me. They have followed my journey, our journey, and have felt our pain, prayed, and believed. They helped me at a distance in my trials and now rejoice in the new and wonderful things God is doing in our lives.

God's people are the best. 

We are staying at the Peabody Hotel where they have the famous walk of the ducks. Each morning the ducks are marched into the main lobby at 8 AM and march out at 5 PM. Patricia, Wanda, Stephanie, and I watched them walk out on Thursday afternoon. It was cute. 

Watch them march out on the video below.


  1. So glad GC is going good. I'm glad you have Wanda with you.

    GC and our family time spent there holds such wonderful memories for me!

    Remember the year the hotel sent you and mom a bottle of champaigne for your anniversary? Of course you wouldn't open it but man we all got laughs out it!

    So many wonderful memories!

  2. God's family is the best. We may have never met before, but are instant family because of Jesus!

    Chico CA