Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Wanda and I are attending the by-annual meeting of the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Orlando. I am an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and have gone to every General Council Meeting but one since 1973. That one was held in Miami, Florida.

This is the first Council that Wanda will attend, and wouldn't you know it, they scheduled it in Orlando just an hour from where she has lived for the last almost forty years. She would have preferred it to be in a city like San Diego or Portland or Denver. That would have made a nice trip for her, but we are going to enjoy our time here.

We arrived Monday afternoon and I spent 3 1/2 hours standing in line to register. I don't know what happened with their registration process, but one lady fainted from the long wait in line. Well, Tuesday was a better day as we are headed to the leadership conference. 

Beth Moore, Ed Young, Jr., and others spoke at the Leadership Conference. Their topics were pertinent and moving. Beth has a unique gift as a Bible teacher and Ed Young is so creative and enlightening. I enjoyed all of the speakers. They were super!

Wanda is meeting my friends in ministry of over 40 years  that I have made from across the Nation . They all knew Kristy and have been so kind to express their sorrow at her passing, and have been so gracious has they have congratulated Wanda and me on our marriage. 

I tell them that God has given Wanda to me as a precious gift. Most of you know the story of how Kristy told my daughter Julie and Sis Norma that Wanda was the one God had for me. It is an incredible story. Wanda is a precious jewel and blessing.

We will meet more friends today and get inspired in the leadership conference and walk and walk and walk and walk. Ouch! My feet are hurting just thinking about this week and all the walking. 

We'll laugh through the wee and have a blast as we greet long time friends. God is good!

I will share some photos of this meeting as it progresses. The first night, Tuesday night, our General Superintendent George Wood preached one of the most outstanding messages I have heard in all of the past General Councils I have attended. It was powerful, challenging, motivating, and encouraging. 

This will be a great week.

Oh, I almost forgot. Today is Wanda's birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, dear Wanda.
Happy Birthday to You!


  1. Happy Birthday Wanda! Be Blessed!

  2. Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday Wanda!!!!!

    Kevin & Tamatha Jones

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Wanda! Happy birthday to you!