Friday, August 14, 2009


Don't ride if you don't have brakes. Brakes on cars, motorcycles, four-wheels, bicycles, and anything moving are vital. Water skiing and snow skiing are made more difficult because the braking systems won't let you stop as quickly as I sometimes need to stop. Have you ever run into someone or something skiing because you didn't know how to brake?

My Honda Goldwing is in the shop for some needed brake repairs. It weighs about 800 pounds and that is a lot of weight for a bike. You just can't put you foot on the ground to stop it. The first time I got on it I felt that was what I needed to do, and that just will not work.

Life needs some brakes too. All of us have times when our internal braking systems aren't working too well. 

Maybe at dinner time? 

Maybe when gossip is flowing?

Maybe when we feel a need to judge someone?

Maybe when eyes look too long at the wrong things?

Maybe when spending habits are out of control?

Maybe when getting an imbalance of time in the wrong areas?

Maybe when the flesh is ruling the spirit?

From my earliest memory, I have felt the gentle but strong voice of the Holy Spirit guiding, directing, encouraging, and yes, braking. Oh, I need His help everyday. The brakes of the Holy Spirit work for our good to keep us from eternal injury and harm.

I am getting my motorcycle brakes repaired, but it has reminded me to make sure my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual brakes are working good. 

You got brakes?


  1. Oh My Goodness...I love that comparison!

  2. Love this post. I've really needed a braking system this week and especially today.

    Even when a store clerk is rude, the braking system works wonders. Just happened today and my first thought was "God Bless You," the rest of the thoughts I braked....

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Good post, Son! It reminds me of the time you were driving a church bus of kids to AL youth camp. The brakes failed and you called me for help. I advised you to park the bus now. I did assist you and the brakes were repaired.

  4. Dad: I remember that bus trip. It was actually a new bus and the breaks failed and left us stranded. Wasn't fun, but you can't drive without breaks!

    You have helped me so many times all these years. I am grateful!