Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The kiddies are getting ready to head back to school. Some already have, and most teachers are back in their classrooms. Summer is just about over, and family routines are going to get back into the groove. 

My daughter Julie is getting her classroom ready. Mark, Wanda's son, is returning to the educational system and is well into starting his new school year. Jennifer in Puerto Rico is also working in a kindergarten school setting. 

I don't have kiddies at home, but my mind as been turned toward school as all our kiddies and several of our children are each headed to their own classroom. 

For the first time, little Claudia is sitting at a small desk learning and experiencing school and the classroom setting. Jennifer said she doesn't know how the teacher can keep her seated all day. Teachers have a way with discipline that sometimes parents cannot do. 

I remember my first grade experience and those first years. I was a slow learner and almost drove my mother and all my teachers crazy until I entered the 6th grade. From my seventh grade until I completed my MA, I was a top student with honors most of the way. But, those first years were tough for me as I was the youngest child in my class, and a boy, and a slow learner too. All that added up for trouble until I grew up some.

Anyway, let's pray for our students, teachers, and the school system in general as they begin a new year. Principals and teachers also deserve our support, help, and our prayers.


Dear Lord, 

Please be with our students and teachers and principals as a new school year begins. Keep them safe. Help them so that the students will learn and grow in a way that is pleasing to you and will bless them. Watch over them and protect them and give them great year. 

Thank you for hearing my earnest prayer.