Friday, August 28, 2009


Southside Assembly, where I serve as lead pastor,  is presenting the drama "The Exile of Lucifer" beginning tonight through Sunday night in our church sanctuary. Friday and Saturday the drama will be presented at 7 PM and 6 PM on Sunday evening. The plot reveals the prideful as well as deceitful ways Satan works against God and Satan's determined effort to destroy as many people as possible.

Do you believe there is a real Satan?

Do you believe he works to destroy lives?

Do you think he is plotting the world's downfall as you read this blog?

Are we close to the end of time?

Will you go through the tribulation with the Anti-Christ? Is the Anti-Christ alive in the world today?

We do know this: there is a lot of evil in the world and it comes from somewhere. We do know that good is ever challenged by evil. We do know that there is much that happens in the unseen world that cannot be explained.

Why not come out to the drama? You might find answers to some of these questions and even more.

Wanda and I watched the dress rehearsal Thursday evening and it was powerful! It has a pointed, suspenseful message that reveals a personal choice every person on earth will make. Satan made his choice in heaven and was exiled. Now, you and I make our choice which determines our eternal destiny. 

What will your choice be?

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