Monday, August 24, 2009


There is only one working ferry in Florida and Wanda and I took it across the St. Johns' River in Mayport, Fl. We were headed on my Goldwing to Fernandina Beach Saturday morning and took the Mayport Ferry rather than the huge bridges to cross the river. 

The St. John's River is the one of only a few rivers in North America to flow south to north. At Mayport, the river is deep enough for large ships to come down the river to the Jacksonville Port. Just south of Jacksonville it is 3 miles wide, but generally it is a typical American river except for running south to north. It is the longest river in Florida and is some 310 miles long.

I had wanted to take the ferry for many years, but just never took the time to ride it. It runs on the half hour across the river and saves lots of time for those in Mayport who are headed to Fernandina or anywhere north from there. It only cost $3 for a motorcycle, and they even let motorcycles move to the front of the line. 

I have ridden ferries on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and in Seattle, Washington. This one took just a few minutes to cross and is quaint and interesting ferry. 


Doesn't Wanda look cute on the Goldwing? She has been a real trooper riding with me, and actually says she loves riding. She trusts me and prays for our safe traveling. It gives us something to share and enjoy together and we're having a super time. That yellow helmet doesn't match the motorcycle, but we're getting matching new helmets that are on order. The yellow one is a loner.

Friday night we were watching America's funniest videos and the host asked, "How can you tell a man is having a mid-life crisis?"

Wanda and I looked at each other and laughed at the answer.

The host said, "By the motorcycle he is riding!"


Well, then he shared a number of motorcycle "funnies" of guys letting motorcycles get away with them. Now that wasn't funny especially now that I am riding!

I have had my first, and hopefully, only motorcycle injury. I pulled a helmet at the bike shop done on my nose and scratched it so bad that it bleed. It looked like Wanda had popped me on the nose! Ha! 

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