Monday, June 29, 2009


Sunday we had a pre-4th of July Celebration at church honoring our servicemen and giving thanks for God's blessing on our Nation. America is a wonderful Nation. It is the best place in the whole world to live. 

The presentation was super as the choir and singers did an outstanding job under Mike Hammontree's direction. 

It was great. 

The young man in the uniform below is David Rogers. He had just returned this week from months of Boot camp training and participated in the program. We are proud of David as well as all our servicemen who stand guard for our freedom. 

Our special guest was Doyle Dykes and his guitar. Doyle is a world class guitarist who travels the world doing concerts and special events. He has played in some of the largest churches and concerts around the world.

We haven't been able to connect our family tree's, but we must be cousins somehow. He told me that his father had a favorite uncle named Milton. So there must be some connection. When I traveled for 12 years ministering in churches across the South, I would often be asked when I ministered in the Jacksonville area if I was related to Doyle. I had not met him yet so I didn't know who he was. 

On occasion, some would mistake me for Doyle. I would tell them that he must be a really nice looking guy. Ha!

You cannot help but be awed by his talent. He does things with a guitar that just drops your jaw. I sat in church Sunday amazed, inspired, and encouraged by his ministry.

Here is a brief sample.


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