Friday, June 12, 2009


How can a three year old ride a bicycle? 

Lorenzo, our three year old grandson, just started riding his bicycle without training wheels. Jennifer told me about it a week or so ago and I just couldn't believe it. The little guy scoots all around on his two-wheel and proudly tells everyone that he rides a bike without training wheels.

Now for a three year old that is quite and accomplishment. I don't know what the median age for learning to ride bikes without training wheels would be, but it has to be five or older.

Lorenzo told his father, Javier, to take his training wheels off, and at first Javier hesitated. Lorenzo kept on insisting and finally Javier removed them. That is all Lorenzo needed. He just took off and started riding.

Jennifer and Javier are both very skilled cyclist, and Lorenzo has watched them ride from infancy. They are racers and mountain bike riders so Lorenzo gets it honestly. I guess this is just another example of how children imitate and model their parents. 

Maybe there is a lesson here on how we need to model the right things.

Watch the end of the video  that Jennifer posted on YouTube for me, and you will see a slight spill. That's life too, but we get up and try all over again. There must be a parable there somewhere?

I love the picture above of Claudia and Lorenzo at the pool at home. This picture is on screen picture on my Iphone. Claudia beams when a camera is pointed her way, and Lorenzo smiles with big, wide dimples. 

They are too cute!


  1. I can do ALL things through Christ - Lorenzo knows that and thats why he doesn't need training wheels. Good for him to be so brave.

    Kevin & Tamatha Jones

  2. Loved your post today, my 3 year old just started riding a bike last week with no training wheels and I was amazed. My 6 year old has no interest in even trying to ride his bike.

  3. He must be so proud (and so must you). My youngest son started riding sans training wheels 2 weeks before his 3rd birthday. Our pediatrician insisted it was not physically possible. Ha!

    What a spirited young man!

  4. My 3 year old little girl just started also week before last. She just said she didn't want them anymore - and got on the bike without and away she went. It's pretty remarkable to see because she's so tiny! Good for these kids :)