Monday, June 8, 2009


Wanda and I have 7 grandchildren by marriage. She has 3 and I have four and we have seven. Our math has taken new dimensions.

We have been married a total of 69 years. She was married 32 years to Jim. I was married 37 years to Kristy. That makes a total of 69 years. We have been married to each other just 2 months. 

This past weekend we had 3 of our seven grandchildren here for a few days. She had her Alex and I had my Alex and Nic. That is two Alex's and one Nic. How do you keep them straight when you call Alex and two respond? Well, we decided to compound the problem and rename Nic to Alex.

That gave us 3 Alex's rather than two with one Nic.

When we needed them to come, we just called Alex and all three came. That made for not having to call three names. So what did we do when we wanted just one? Well, we came them by the last name except for Nic. He was just Nic when we need him alone.

We took them to Adventure Landing and they enjoyed the water park and all the slides, tubes, and waves. It was a fun time with more bonding taking place. 

They are good boys and they like water and food. They love their Nana and Papa and had great fun as we spoiled them and showed them a great time.

That's what nana's and papa's are supposed to do. We are here for the fun part!

Watch Alex, Alex, and Alex enjoy Adventure Landing in the video below. Wanda thought she was taking a still picture in the last part of this video. She actually was taking a video that I decided to use even thought it didn't end just right. 


  1. Cool - Looks like ALEXes are having fun. Glad to see they are bonding.

  2. U are serious, its very funny and brillant! Congrats and good wishes!

  3. Twice Blessed! Looks like fun. Great kids. Love you guys.

  4. Even when there are step children, there doesn't have to be step grand children. I have two wonderful grandchildren from my step daugther and her husband and they don't have any concept of step grandma! Being a grandparent is GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

    Chico, CA