Monday, June 15, 2009


This past week Wanda and I enjoyed having Julie and her boys here for several days. We camped out at Hannah Park here in Jacksonville, and I commuted back and forth each day for work. Wanda and Julie and Alex and Nic rode bikes, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, and the little guys played in the water park.

The pictures are of the "little guys" around the camp fire and of me getting the bike rack ready to load up and head home. 

We had a borrowed trailer from our friends, Don and Sandra, but camping isn't camping without cooking in an open fire.  That was my job after I returned to the camp site each evening. I did cheat with using charcoal, but the charcoal was old and would not catch fire easily. It was supposed to be ready to lite with a match, but that wouldn't happen. 

So what to do?

Well, technology wins again. 

When the fire wouldn't start and burn fast enough, I got the hair dryer out of the trailer with an extension cord and used it to fan the flames. 


It worked and in a matter of minutes we had a great fire to cook our burgers. Everyone liked the tasty burgers and high tech won again!

Just watch:

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