Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Do you know the primary reason for strife? What causes rifts' that cannot be resolved? 

Recent study in The Book of James moved me to look at the issue of pride. God isn't pleased when pride enters our hearts and He certainly isn't pleased with its results. Pride does lots of damage and has consequences that harm us eternally.

We all have different points of view and opinions. There is nothing to be ashamed when we have differences. Couples are bound to have differences and sometimes they are huge. Here is the greater issue. Pride doesn't consider the feelings and interests of others. Pride exalts self and diminishes the importance of others including God.

When we are proud then our point of view exceeds and dominates others. Pride causes personal opinion to overpower personal concerns. When we are proud, then what God has stated and what others feel dwindles and pales in comparison to what we think.

God resists the proud, but He give grace to the humble. 

We judge others because of pride. We point fingers because of pride. We belittle others because of pride. 

Pride stinks and has a way of making the prideful stink tool!

Oh Lord, forgive me for pride. Help me to value others and their opinions and to be willing to listen and show genuine concern. 


  1. Great post. I took it to heart. (S)

    Nancy Mehl

  2. Pride blinds us to our own need for Gods gifts, talents and Grace he wants us to recieve from Him. I have been humbled till I feel humiliated and still pride tries to nip at me. Those little foxes keep on trying to spoil the vine, my friend.