Monday, June 22, 2009


Father's Day was wonderful!

As church began Sunday morning, someone grabbed me on the left arm and as I turned it was Julie. She had called earlier Sunday morning and told me she was headed to church. I assume she was headed to her church in Tampa, but she drove up to Jacksonville to share Father's Day with me. It was a great Father's Day gift.

Wanda prepared the most delicious dinner and Max and Darlene came down from St. Mary's Ga. We had a great time together and only wished the rest of the family could have been with us. Jennifer is in San Juan and called, but it was too far for her to come up for a day. We'll have to make a trip to see her later this year.

Dad shared a few thoughts as I interviewed him in our morning church service. It was a treat to have my 84 year old father who is a minister and my pastor in my growing up years in church with me. He has great stories of faith that work. He and Mom have been faithful to the Lord through it all. 

Julie gave me a most beautiful card and a gift to Applebee's. I love my Father's Day ties from Alex and Nic. They are hand made and are very valuable. Nic's card is three D. Love made them. That is what counts on Father's Day.

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