Monday, February 16, 2009


I had a great time this past Saturday watching my two little grandsons in Tampa play in their first baseball games. They are handsome guys and are good athletes for six and nine years of age. I wish I was closer to them to see more of their games. They really loved having their papa with them. 

Family time is important. I remember my first baseball glove and my dad taking time to play  "pitch" with me. Childhood years pass to quickly and are gone before you know it.

When I was a child in Montgomery, AL., we played softball many afternoons after school. There were only a couple of guys in our neighborhood so some of the girls played too. I didn't get into little league ball but we had a boat load of fun right in our own neighborhood.

Some time back my grandsons over heard some talk about what we did as little kids building forts, tree houses, playing in the woods, shooting BB guns, fishing, and many other things. Their little eyes got big and finally they spoke up and said, "Man! Y'all really had lots of fun!"

Now kids can't got outside without an adult, and they sure don't have a clue about building forts and tree houses.

Kiddies today sit in front of screens and push buttons and wonder what real life would be like.

But that is for another article.

Jennifer, my daughter in Puerto Rico, has just posted this picture of Claudia and Lorenzo on her blog. I couldn't help but include it too. Now just tell me, aren't those some really beautiful kiddies? And I bet you can't tell that I am a very proud papa too!

Nic just lost his two front teeth. Papa saw to it that he got something under his pillow. 

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