Monday, February 9, 2009


That is not a very good question to ask in my opinion because the brutal and unfair points of life can skew one's perspective and raise unholy fears, doubts, and accusations. 

But sometimes the questions of fairness and justness come to the forefront before we realize it. Pastors ask that question in their own personal lives without even recognizing it. I know I have as it relates to church life and church growth. "Why is it that pastor "so and so" church is growing and why do they have or get all the breaks," I have wondered? 

Or as I felt when I wrote last Friday about singleness, why is it that God brought someone into my life so quickly and others wait and wonder for years for a life mate. What is fair or just about that?

When Wanda and I have told our stories of how God brought us together, there have been some who were thrilled for us but also hurt because they were still waiting, praying, looking, and hoping for God to bring the right person into their lives.

You could see the look in their eyes wondering why not me and why not now? I have had that look and question in my own heart and mind on other things. 

So, is God just? Why does He allow some to flourish and others go through the desert? Why doesn't the rain fall only on the unjust? That is how I would make it happen, and that is obviously why I am not God. My lack of wisdom and my overwhelming pride would never allow fairness either. Who am I to judge who should get what and who should live in the sunshine? 

Why did Jim Dunsford have to die of a heart attack and leave Wanda and her children? Why did Kristy have to die with a GBM brain tumor? Kristy and Jim were both good, wonderful people who only did good for others. Kristy always made life better for everyone every place we ever lived. Her life goal was to seek first the Kingdom of God. Jim also lived to honor God.

Why did she have to suffer? Why did Jim have to leave so quickly and suddenly?

Why do little ones suffer and die before their time? What is just about the innocent unborn babies that are aborted by the thousands? Explain why there have to be wars, terrible calamities, airplane crashes, and car wrecks?

What about Alzheimer? Cancer? Personal injuries? Disabilities? Birth defects and handicaps?

Is God just?

Yes, God is good. That is the simple answer. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are beyond our comprehension. He is holy, just, and good. 

I have not spent much time trying to figure out why? I don't have enough brain power. I have simply tried to trust. I have chosen to trust Him when I don't understand.

I don't understand why Kristy and Jim left us. I don't understand why God so quickly brought Wanda into my life and others seemingly wait for God's provision for a life mate even though they don't see the answer or person yet.

But God is just. He is righteous. He is holy. His love allows choices in this old world that give us freedom and liberty for the good or bad. All of the countless choices all the way back to Adam and Eve have real impact that can affect all of us. We cannot escape their force at least not in this world. Amazingly, His love and gift of free choice touch us in so many ways releasing blessing or sometime releasing trial.

I will not try to figure out all of life's hurts and disappointments. The rain and sunshine will both come and go. He allows both.

I will trust Him.

God is just.

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